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About the Friends of the Fair

“If not us, who ? If not now, when”? President Ronald Reagan. This quote describes the Friends of the Calaveras County Fair. In the fall of 2008, a group of Calaveras County residents decided to take action and form a foundation whose sole purpose was to enhance, support and create additional community involvement and participation while maintaining the amazing history the Fair enjoys. The Friends of the Calaveras County Fair, a non-profit organization was formed.

The grass roots group became an action based organization that completed two major projects in a short period of time. The main entrance to the Fairgrounds (located across from Glory Hole Sports on Highway 49) was often missed because there wasn’t any prominent signage. The Friends took action, and through community donations, erected a beautiful 8’ x 20”sign. Now guests have a much easier time finding the entrance to the Fairgrounds. Friends also started a community raffle with a grand prize of $10,000.

Improvements needed to be made to the Cattlemen’s Park. At the time, no one would have guessed how that idea would take shape. In 31 days, an old storage building and adjacent storage area was transformed into a beautiful rustic club house with a top quality stage and entertainment area. This facility now dubbed as the Ranch House is not only an asset to the annual Fair; but is also an area that can be rented during the year providing an additional revenue stream for the Fair. In addition to the Ranch House, the group resurrected the Whiskerino Dinner Dance, a tradition dating back to the 1940’s. Additionally, the Friends have also been responsible for stage and arena upgrades. The Friends can be described as well-oiled machine working together with Staff and the 39th District Agricultural Association Board of Directors to make the Calaveras County Fair the best it can be! 

Projects & Purchases Completed by  
Friends of the Fair


  • South Entrance Sign

  • Ranch House

  • Roof on Floriculture

  • Electrical Upgrades

  • Arena Upgrades

  • Stage Upgrades

  • Sealing and Paving in Barns

  • Upgrades to the Brewery

  • Landscaping Upgrades

  • Tables

  • Truck

  • Frog Stop Computers

  • Panels for Barns

  • Concession Trailer

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